Next-Gen Cross Border eCommerce Fulfillment

One-Stop Solution for all your eCommerce fulfillment needs in the US. Our Mission is to help brands give “Amazon Prime” like experience to their own customers, enable access and expand presence across all US marketplaces.

We are not just another 3PL with “SHIP” in its name. Heck, we don’t even like calling ourselves a 3PL, consider us an extension of your team instead. We are smart, data driven, tech focused, eco-loving and customer obsessed – Just like your Brand!

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online consumers between the age of 18-34 years expect to have next day delivery. Whereas 61% consumers are willing to pay more for the same day delivery.



of shoppers would abandon a cart online if Next Day or 2 Day shipping wasn’t available.



of shoppers say that Same & Next day delivery option makes them more likely to shop online.



of consumers consider “Fast delivery” to mean “Same day delivery”.

New York

More than Just Picking, Packing and Shipping

  • Seamless Integrations
  • Real-time Inventory updates
  • Data Analytics and Reports
  • Complete Inventory and Order Management
  • End to End controlled brand experience
  • Ecommerce Experts who help you grow.

How ShipCube Works?

Get Connected

Simply integrate your store with ShipCube to get started on a path to better fulfillment and improved customer satisfaction.

Smart Warehousing

Using Data and predictive Analytics, we recommend the quantities and SKU’s to be sent for storage at our Fulfillment Centers.

Send Inventory

Send recommended Inventory to our Fulfillment centers

Order Processing

Our Fulfillment centers automatically get into action as soon as your customer places an order on your store.

Fast Shipping

All orders are shipped the same day to your customers.

Our Fulfillment Network

At Ship Cube, we are creating a network of technologically advanced and Standardized fulfillment centers called Cubes across the US to enable fast deliveries to your customers.

  • Active Cubes
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • California
  • Upcoming Cubes
  • Texas
  • Illinois
  • Georgia
  • Florida

Our Pricing & Support

No Minimums, No Contracts!

Flexible pricing structure tailored to suit your budget.We understand that you do not need just an extra hand but a partnership that has the growth of your business at heart. Hence, we work with you to understand your business and customize solutions for you accordingly.

Maximum Shipping Discounts

We help you leverage on our relationships and discounted rates from all national and regional shipping carriers in the US.

We Respond!

Should you have any queries about the handling of your inventory or any alterations regarding your order, our customer care will be at hand 24/7 to help via calls, texts, or chat.

Additional Services

FBA Prep Service

While our mission is to help your brand grow beyond FBA, we also understand importance of it for your business. Our prep service helps you make FBA seamless and easily manageable.

Return Management

The Biggest area of concern after replenishment for Cross border eCommerce sellers is to manage their returns. Currently, sellers relying on FBA are forced to forgo the products for a loss, we understand how critical this is for your bottom line. Our return management service helps you manage and resell used products on marketplaces like Poshmark.


We closely work with our diverse seller network, who rely on Dropshipping as main source of fulfillment and help them maximize their profits by having inventory stocked locally in the US of their hot selling SKUs or if they have a local US shipper, we help them compare the shipping cost to ensure savings.

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